Add Temporary Color To Your Hair In 5 Minutes! – With No Chemicals~by Lena Simone

Some people love the summer but I’m definitely a Fall kind of girl.

 😎 I love everything from the weather to the colors, the seasonal lattes all the way to the fashion. Being inspired by the change of season, I’ve decided to add some color to my everyday. I typically change my hair color almost once every two months or so… I bore very easily. Unfortunately that can obviously end up being costly and potentially end up being very damaging. Not to mention pink, purple, blue and green hair may not be fitting for all occasions, so a permanent change may not be the best idea – Damn the man! Luckily for me though, I am also a proud Younique independent presenter and I have access to all of our wonderful products including our Mineral Pigment powders. What makes our mineral pigment powders so great is that it has so many uses. It can be used as eyeshadow, nail coloring, lip coloring, temporary hair coloring or can even be used for costume makeup. With over 34 luxurious colors to choose from there are so many options, combinations and ways to play with these colors.

I have been meaning to try the temporary coloring with the mineral pigment powder for a while now. A few days ago I finally tried it! It took me about 5 minutes to do. Now, I did only do my bang because I wasn’t sure how it would come out. Being temporary though, I knew it would only last for about a few days so I wasn’t too concerned if I would be happy or not with my color choices I just wanted to see how easy it would be to do for future reference. However, I did choose colors which I’ve had in my hair before so I knew how it would work with my complexion. The mineral pigment powders that I chose to use during my little experiment was Heartbroken, a pinkish color and Regal , a purplish color. 
The first thing I did was I used Younique’s Royalty Rosewater Toning Spritz and sprayed a bit on the pieces which I wished to temporary color.

•I’ve heard other techniques which includes mixing the rosewater with the mineral pigment powder to create a kind of paste and apply it to the hair with a brush, however I did not choose to use that method. 

 Once I had the pieces damp enough to apply the pigment powder, I simply dipped my index finger into the first mineral pigment powder that I chose, Heartbroken and began to apply it directly to the pieces that I wanted to color. I repeated the same for the second mineral pigment powder color that I chose which was Regal. I repeated this process until the intensity of each color was the way that I envisioned it.

At that point, I took a brush and gently brushed through the pieces which are temporary colored. Once completely brushed through, I again added bit more for intensity to the areas which I felt needed it by adding more of each pigment powder. After that I simply went over the pieces with a flat iron at very minimal heat to set the coloring. And done! 

I was so incredibly happy with the outcome of my experiment I decided to then also do my makeup with the same theme. On my eyes I used mineral pigment powders Heartbroken and Regal (plus Sexy mineral pigment powder underbrow) finally adding Elegant Splurge cream shadow for a golden sparkly, fairy-like effect. On my lips, I used a Glorious primer to make the application process easy and then I applied Heartbroken mineral pigment powder with brush.
Full face and hair includes:

Glorious primer

Mineral touch liquid foundation – Charmeuse

Royalty rosewater toning Spritz
Eyes :

Mineral pigment powders – Heartbroken, Glamorous and Sexy

Splurge cream eyeshadow – Elegant 

Moodstruck liquid eyeliner – Perfect

3D fiber lashes+

Glorious primer

Heartbroken mineral pigment powder

Royalty rosewater toning Spritz

Heartbroken mineral pigment powder

Regal mineral pigment powder
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