Versace & Street Style

The World is My Beat is a campaign from Versace that hopes to build an image of a jet setter & world travelers. Versace is taking at home consumers to tour its fashion from around the world with the new online campaign. A platform on Versace’s Web site shows off content from each city, in a manner that allows users to scroll through each location.

For Milan, a video opens with a quote from Donatella Versace that says, “Milan continues to inspire me everyday.” Footage of the models  with shots of the city and its architecture, along with adjectives that represent Milan’s style such as “sartorial,” “glamorous” and “progressive.”

“Perhaps they’re also playing upon the popularity of street style to position the brand as the in-the-know style makers and trendsetters they truly are,” he said. “A worldwide campaign identifying with key fashion cities aligns the interests of the brand’s spokesperson with its consumers and evokes a curatorial experience for Web site users.”

this new Versace campaign will be one that you can’t ignore.

Image result for versaceImage result for versace

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