LOUIS VUITTON – Now has a gift shop

January 2, 2017, Louis Vuitton stores around the world will open gift shops within a gift shops called ‘The Art of Gifting.’ An interesting move, since the holiday shopping season will be over by that time. It looks as if other designer brands may be giving Louis Vuitton a small run in the competition arena.

wondering what will be up for grabs in these posh little gift shops?

The shops will sell housewares and accessories, stamped with the brand’s iconic logo and merchandised into three categories: The Joy of Writing featuring notebooks and desk blotters; The Joy of Decorating with 30 home products and The Joy of Gaming, stocked with classic teddy bears and other playful toys.  Prices will run from about $94 – $887 (So, there is no sign of Louis Vuitton offering anything truly affordable at this time) at least, not unless you are looking for something more then just a key chain.

Other recent moves to bring down its price point and attract millennial customers while maintaining a high end personality have included the launch of its fragrance collection in nearly a decade and offering more small leather goodies and purse charms, along with its  iconic styles into mini bags and tech accessories.

we will be watching to see what 2017 will be bring to the luxury departments. Here is to hopping that our new government officials don’t screw us all too bad and we can continue bringing you the best of the best 🙂

One Love,

Tara Marie


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