Hair Diaries; Love &War

Growing up I have hot pressed, permed, dyed, bleached, cut and gave up on my hair😡. All that mistreatment to my hair has caused it to fight back (meaning) it became dry, thin, abused and was not willing to work with me at all any more. In other words my hair quit😳. 

 Now that I am in my late 30’s I decided that I wanted my hair back and this time it was for real! I would treat it with proper care the way that my poor hair deserved from the very beginning lol *I often make promises to my hair that I don’t always keep*. I have decided that I was NOT going to put my hair through the torture anymore!

I let the perm in my hair grow out for about a year straight. I just let my hair grow it’s own way, on its own time, only cutting the ends of my hair on occasions. Once a full year and some months had past by I cut the last of the stray away straight strands. *They caused nothing but a tangled mess😡so they had to go*.

  I have to say I am not the type of person to always style my hair. So I just wore it in a very lose bun and or, some sort of wrap to hide my laziness lol. After two years of trying to figure out which were the best products for my hair texture and better yet! What is my hair texture?! I am now finally able to say that I love my hair again❣️

Do you have a hair battle story? Tell us about it and let’s share in this journey together! 

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