The Duchess and her fashion

As I am flipping through the many magazines piled up on my table this morning there is one person that kept catching my eye and that was Kate Middleton. The lady sure has style and I am loving almost every outfit that I see her in. Her style is more of a simple elegance and she wears it well. When Prince Williams married Kate Middleton the fashion world was paying full attention, waiting to see who wore what and what will Kate’s wedding dress looks like. The last royalty family member this stylish was Prince Williams late mother, the fabulous Princess Diana and now there is Kate Middleton. The only other talked about wedding dress and wedding party was Kim and Kanye’s wedding and most recently Gabriel Unions wedding (which by the was was huge). Middleton is not only beautiful but the girl has a great sense of style. 

Why not check out a few of favorite photos below of Kate, while your having your second cup of coffee ☕️ for the morning😉

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