Antonio Miro Fall/Winter 2017 collection

 Antonio’s Miro’s 2017 show was completely beautiful starting from the beginning all the way to the last walk of the runway. The music played a big part in the show teaming up with a full on smoke filled stage giving us a little dark eerie feeling. Miro’s 2017 Fall/ Winter collection took the Amish style, twisted it up and created a more daring, chic and powerful look to it.  Each piece in the collection was absolutely amazing and now I must find away to get a few of those pieces into my store! This collection is a stunner with the right amount of shock therapy and with every look that came down the runway my mouth and eyes started to water more and more! A round of applause is due to Antonio for such a beautiful 2017 Fall/Winter collection. 

Check out the 2017 Winter/Fall collection below and let’s talk about it🙂  
Antonio Miro Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

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