Michael Costello’s 2017 Fall/Winter collection-the highlights 

Fantasy can become reality and Michael Castello proves that😍 with his gorgeous Fall/winter 2017/18 collection during New York Fashion Week. I can’t even find the right words to express how beautifully tailored each look was! Every piece that came down the runway was made for the confident woman and if you were looking for something to give you a little boost in confidence👍🏽Michael Castello is the designer for you. Castello has come a long way from being a shy and soft spoken designer on Project Runway, to now becoming the house hold name that he is! Dressing so many of A-listers for their red carpet events. Michael Castello is a beautiful genius that deserves his spot in New York Fashion Week, with his beautiful designs that will never leave you disappointed💋.

Take a look at a few of the highlights from his 2017/2018 collection below.

Michael Costello’s NYFW 2017-18 Fall/Winter collection

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