Food and Fashion?! 

 Pizza Hut has now moved into the fashion and technology arena. This new move has completely come out out of thin air for the fast food company. The pizza Company now offers sneakers were you can place an order via your sneakers? Which then will put the order through the Pizza Hut app for you. Yes, you have heard me correctly! Sneakers that can order pizza with just one press of a button on the tongue, you and your friends can order right there on the move (literally). Although, I would like to know what would be the difference between the sneakers and just using the App on your phone? And If, there is already an app… Isn’t easier to just use that? 

My guess is it’s more for the sport of things to be able to connect via your sneakers. It’s very futuristic, it’s part of what my generation has been waiting for this whole time since Back To The Future came out. Where are our flying cars -and the real Hovver boards?! Not the ones that are still on ground😒 Now back to the sneakers😉. Giving that the sneakers themselves has the pizza chains big red & white logo on it I’m not sure how well the original sneaker will do on the retail market. Although I’ve heard that Grant Hill is getting into the action by designing sneakers for the food giant, giving them a little bit more of a fashionable edge to it which will definitely help crank up in sells. 

 I will be keeping my eyes on this product to see how well it does also, mainly because curiosity has now got the best of me. Tell us what do you 💭 think. Would you were the Pizza Hut sneakers? Better yet would you use them? 

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