NYFW; Men’s 2018 Spring/Summer Collection -LaRose & Facto

Last week in New York City the designers came to New York fired up and ready to show off their new S/S18 collections. Back in February some of the Men’s Shows were hit with crazy weather conditions and madatory city shut downs. This time around not even a true New York heat wave could have stopped these designers for showing up and showing out. The Men’s events is still pretty young, but it has already picked up a mementum on its own and so far has gained a loyal following within the fashion community, Even the heavy giant fashion Brand BOSS, had made its comeback to NYFWthis season.

Let’s start with the shoe Brand Facto, who has gained the likes of Usher and tons of sports stars wearing the brands footwear. The new collection gives our men with style, something to look forward to other than what’s already out there on the market. Not every man wants to wear a pair of Nikki’s or Yeezy sneakers, nor do they always want to wear hard shoes in the summer. Facto, in fact gives you the opportunity to be comfortable in style without being uniformed to everyone else’s style. The designer was born in Japan and now works out of his space in New York City, bringing in a comfortable feel to the busy New York City streets.

Now, on to Raun LaRose S/S18 collection~.  It was one of the hottest days during the heatwave with the temperature and humidity hitting up to 115 degrees😬😫😲.  My sunglasses were literally fogging up as I was waiting to see the collection. Once the doors opened there was a rush from the crowd dying to get into the cool space and with the dimming lights and high power fans the collection was a refreshing reminder about what fashion truly is; individual personalities. There were two looks from the collection that stood out to me the most and I had to climb over a few people to get the shot😉. I do have to say that the collection did seem to be a little heavy for the Spring/Summer series, with one piece that looked like it was made up of quilting fabric  I was still absolutely obsessed over it. LaRose S/S18 collection is cool and unisexed. If, styled the right way anyone can look cool wearing the new Raun LaRose S/S18 collection.
Photo’s shot by: BellaVxyn Photography 

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