Alice & Olivia’s; little sister collection

Alice &a Olivia fans will have a choices to pick from when its sister brand debuts. The collection which is inspired by the west cost during the 70’s. It’s new denim line wont take away the fashion brands already popular dress line but only to expand the success that was started over 15 years ago. The new line will launch sometime in early November through its e-commerce store and all of its brick & mortars stores.

Each pair of the jeans will be embroidered with a positive affirmation inside the waistband such as “You look good today”. Which the names of the fit of the jeans will include names like; Good, Perfect and Fabulous. 10% of the proceeds from the Good jeans will benefit the Good+ Foundation founded by Jessica Seinfeld. The new sister line will also include pieces such as silk jacquard kimonos, cashmere knits and vintage-style t-shirts adding even cooler styles to your closet this Fall season.

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