Tom Ford- SS18 Collection; NYFW

Tom Ford kicked off NYFW with the usual excitement revisiting his days at Gucci and Saint Laurent. The pants suits and the leather pieces were my favorite looks out of this seasons SS18 collection. It looks as if Denim is also making a huge comeback, starting from last season and finding it’s way back onto the runway’s again for the spring / summer wear. Ford at the last minute still not happy with his collection, decided to personally dip each models shoe into white paint only at the heel and tip of the shoe. There were a few pieces that did stand out to me and the other pieces for me were something that has been done before and not so exciting. I do have to give an applause for a few of the pieces that grabbed my attention. The soft pink salmon dress with the sequined sleeves. Now that dress was an eye catcher and can easily been seen wore by some of New York’s socialite’s and as well as Hollywood’s A-lister’s. The sheer all black cold shoulder dress with one full sequenced arm that KJ wore was absolutely gorgeous. The new collection seemed a little mixture of soft

&hard while still keeping its Chic look.

A few pieces from the collection is below😎


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