Noon by Noor; 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

I love this season’s 2018 Fall / Winter Collection by the brand. With a beautiful color scheme that will make your mouth water. Beautiful Fuchsia button-down blouses and coats, Navy blues garments with the hint of gold sparkles that kept your eyes wide open as each beautifully crafted piece came down the runway. There was a fitted blazer with puffy faux fur arms, which I am sure will be the next “must have piece” in every woman’s closet. The brand kept their Fall/ Winter 2018 collection both cute & chic, which I am sure will be snatched up by every fashionable woman the moment it hits the racks.

There are a few pieces that I attend on pulling for myself! Keep your eye open for the Noon by Noor 2018 Fall / Winter Collection, it’s one that every fashionista should have apart of her wardrobe.

Video below

Noon by Noor Fall /Winter 2018 Collection

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