Jeff Wan’s Launch Collection

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Jeff Wan’s launch event last night with my partner in crime Lena Simone. The event was held in Brooklyn, New York for his Fall/ Winter Collection. Thankfully since the event was held in the beginning of July, the event was a resort theme. The minute you walked in you was hit with a refreshing cooling air, good music and chill vibes. Once you are greeted in a table of stunning models handed out refreshing themed drinks in cute little pineapple cups.

The designer perfectly placed each beautifully designed bag and accessories in each corner to catch the eye of the attendees. Wan’s collection was like being inside of a perfectly organized candy shop. The little small boxed “to go “ style bags were my absolute favorites and second came the leather drawstring bucket bag. I wanted and still want those bags and possibly in every color the styles offers lol.

Check out Jeff Wan’s Fall’ Winter 2019 Collection below


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