CHANEL Haute Couture PARIS S/S19

Chanel kept to its classic look but also adding a small and subtle touch of color strong enough to take notice. The models adorned very high updo’s with a dramatic eye and a beautifully vivid red lip. The house went back reminiscing of its older days when Chanel would host daily shows in the afternoon for their important customers. Every piece of embroidered garment was hand stitched and wonderfully detailed which took hours to make sure everything is perfectly placed together showing off a special piece. Chanel offers you a fantasy of a beautiful spring day strolling through the streets of Paris with a bouquet of flowers in one hand from the handsome gentleman on your left, and a cute French poodle 🐩 in the other. I loved the black and white pieces of the collection 💕😍👏🏽 The feathered pants paired with a black leather jackets!😍 Lets not forget about the all white dress with the small and elegant prints of spring flowers! 🌸 Once you get hooked onto the colorful spring looks, here comes down this gorgeous embroidered black dress with a navy blue tulle on both the shoulders and the hem. The cut to this dress was absolutely stunning and when the model turns around the dress had a beautiful low cut back. Another gorgeous piece was the all black satan dress with a surprise of pink ruffles along the side giving us a beautiful mixtures of colors. It just kept getting better with this one little sexy all black laced dress that left some room for a good imagination. The collection is exquisite and should be checked out by all fashion lovers.

Check out the photos and videos below💜

CHANEL Haute Couture PARIS S/S19

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