Dior Cruise 2020 Show

The models began to walk down to a beautiful and very dramatic runway which was centered around a   gorgeous illuminating mixture of fire and water. The creative aspect of the show fit perfectly with the brands latest collection, strong, in your face and beautifully bold. The show was held in Moroccan City with the back drop of the beautiful El Badi Palace. The brand up graded it’s signature style to help celebrate the Mediterranean, European & African cultures giving the attendees a runway show to remember. I have to admit this is the first Dior show, that I could not take my eyes off the entire collection, not even for a second. The patterns which were used for the 2020 collection are absolutely stunning! Between the pant suits, the white bohemian style dresses, beautifully tailored jackets, gorgeous flowing dresses, stunning gowns and badass jumpsuits, It’s almost like I had died a horrible death by an ice cream truck and woke up in my fashion heaven. I feel like Dior gave us the brands strongest collection yet with pieces to be adorn by all women of various ages and sizes. Realistically speaking, not many of us can afford this collection but it’s fun fantasize about being a small part of Dior’s world. It will be interesting to see what which fashion houses will bring out their Beat of the best now that we have lost Karl Lagerfeld this year.

Check out Dior’s Cruise 2020 show below and let me know what your favorite pieces are. And stay tune for the podcast where my guest and I discuss our favorite looks from the show.


Tara Marie

click on the link below to watch Dior’s memorable runway show

Dior Cruise 2020 Show

video by: Christian Dior

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